March 2014


The Secret to a Student’s Success

It is inborn in our nature that we are always in pursuit of success irrespective of the goal at hand. From the eager medical student awaiting his test results to the restless bachelor searching for his other half, humans are constantly in the pursuit of accomplishing their goals. To be more specific, let us look at the average student in Madrassa who, after spending sleepless nights preparing for...

A Glance at Contemporary Approaches to Islamic Jurisprudence

A  Glance at Contemporary Approaches to Islamic Jurisprudence[1] By Shaykh Salāh Abū al-Hājj[2] Translated by Muntasir Zaman All praise belongs to Allah. We praise Him, seek assistance from Him, and ask of Him forgiveness and guidance. We send blessings on His chosen and noble Messenger, who was sent with the upright Sharī‘ah for the guidance of all the worlds; and [we send blessings] on his...

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